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Top 10 Jrock/Visual Kei bands February 18, 2012

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Since I’m bored I made this list for people who are new to the Japanese Rock scene, or people who are just looking for something new! Hope it will be helpful ^.^ This is my opinion by the way, all of the artists on the list I definitely recommend people to check them out.

10. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

My friend introduced me to these guys and at first I was not interested cause a lot of their songs have screamo in it. However I learned to appreciate them for how they’re different than any other band I’ve heard. Combining Rock, Screamo, Dance and they’re unique autotune together sounds better than most people think. I mean is there really that many bands you can scream and headbang to while dancing?


Until recent years they were a more underground, indie band but with hits like ‘Manifesto’ and ‘DADA’ they have gained popularity much to my liking!  To me they are like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers of Japan. You either get a heavy song with an awesome riff like ‘DADA’ or a melodic song like ‘Order Made’. I love how some songs are funky and include rap. Definitely a band you could relax to or go all out.


Similar to RADWIMPS however more heavy riffs. I used to be the biggest fan of them because of the vocalist’s (Atsushi Horie) voice which sounded very non-caring and his well pronounced English lyrics. Don’t know whether I should chill listening to their music or air-guitaring like a maniac. They are the Japanese indi-rock gods to me and deserve more intention! I should probably start listening to them more again :/

7. LM.C

First Visual Kei band on my list and rightly so. I’ve always had a liking to Oshare Kei more than any other VK. The happy and energetic vibes just puts me in the mood to party and rock my socks off. Lyrics are amazing especially in ’88’ which really inspires me. Their fashion is awesome in ‘Punky Heart’ (I really want what Maya is wearing in it >.<). Maya’s vocals are fantastic and Aiji is an amazing performer. They are both super hot too! xD


I put them further up in the list since I haven’t yet found a song I really dislike of theirs, however I only really love a few songs. I love the fact they are girls and they rock harder than most bands I’ve heard. Always had a thing for kawaii Japanese girls too and they sure are cute ^.^Also their lyrics are easy to learn and they are damn catchy, I’m always finding myself humming one of their songs. I know some people consider them more Jpop, but they play heavy guitar riffs and fucking rock like bosses! Hahaha girl power FTW!!

5. abingdon boys school

Killer vocals by Takanori, upbeat yet powerful guitars, and just epic songs! What more do you want? I have never seen one of their PVs though, do they have any? Doesn’t matter cause the music is awesome! Their songs are powerful and the song ‘Desert Rose’ is some of the best English lyrics I’ve heard from any nationality. Very hard to forget songs, and I kind of feel sad when my playlist of their songs end….. so I play them again! I need more songs of theirs!

4. Bull Zeichen 88

Most underrated VK band ever. I really do hope in the future they get more recognition. Such an amazing band who isn’t afraid to combine different things to make one great song. ‘prologue’ is probably a song I will never get sick of and one of those bands where Screamo makes it a whole lot more powerful. Don’t know what else to say about them except they should really make an album!

3. SuG

First Visual Kei band I listened to, and yes they are also Oshare Kei. Not much else makes me happy as much as their songs. It’s always time to party when one of their songs plays. Takeru is absolutely adorable too!! Reason why I wanted to play the electric guitar was so I could do the heavy riff in LOVE SCREAM PARTY. Album TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL is perfect except for the fact the weird intervals between songs that sound like I’m in a circus but that’s just apart of their crazy fun style which they refer to as ‘Heavy Positive Rock’. I think that sums them up well.


Even though I’m pretty sure they are popular young adolescents of Japan, I have not found anyone who also likes them outside Japan. Which is surprising because most of their songs are in English. Perhaps the interest in Japanese music for some people is the fact it is a different language, I don’t know. But they are the best Jrock band in my opinion, the quintessential of totally honest music. The lyrics are relate-able for everyone  and with always a memorable melody to make it great to sing it along to. Sometimes Takeshi’s (vocals) engrish isn’t all too fantastic but after a few listens you will just become addicted. *sigh* I can not explain how incredible they are for me and they have helped me through some tough times. Hope they come back from hiatus soon >.<

*drum roll*

And No.1 is…..


A band that is all around just a fucktastic band. Amazing vocals, incredible lyrics, heavy guitars but can be relaxing and breath-taking. My god I love them so much, and most people don’t have a clue who they are. My secret gem I guess ^.^ ‘The World is Mine’ is a masterpiece of an album! Dark in the Night and The Reason are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Songs are just a mix of Jrock, Nu Metal, Screamo, Dance and everything is just so well put together. Can not emphasise how much I love the band and I wish them great success for the future.

So that’s it and honourable mentions go to Spyair and UVERworld. I love all these bands and hope you can love them too :3


3 Responses to “Top 10 Jrock/Visual Kei bands”

  1. Iwan Says:

    for me my no.1 always gonna be X Japan..but i will check out this band you listed..maybe i will like them too ^^

    • kyuhikaru13 Says:

      yes X-Japan are good but I personally don’t like many of their songs and I’m more of a oshare kei person, please do check them out! And yes of course I’m a massive AKB fan, my favourite is Mayuyu but I also like Acchan, Yukirin, Yuko, Tomochin, Mariko, KojiHaru, Harugon, Takamina, Minegishi and many others haha :3

  2. Iwan Says:

    ouh and glad to know there is akb fan too here ^^
    who is your no.1 oshi/favourite??

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